HR isn’t recruitment, though it is often confused to be. Many companies think if they hire a HR Manager, they will also be their Talent Acquisition Manager too - however whilst there is a lot of crossover between the two fields, both are specialists in their own respects and therefore one cannot effectively cover the other.

Let us manage people, so you can focus on the rest

HR Managers get bogged down with recruitment which they often don’t enjoy. Recruitment also stops them from being able to focus on other parts of their complex job. Most HR Managers that we speak to hate recruitment. It’s not why they got into HR and their knowledge isn’t often deep enough to navigate the challenging technical recruitment market. With so many other priorities on their plate, they don’t have the time to effectively focus on recruitment.

Let TOTUS help

In a small company where it isn’t viable to hire someone to take on recruitment permanently, TOTUS can be a great solution to a HR Manager’s problem.

TOTUS manage all the recruitment for you, saving you time when you are overworked and don’t enjoy it, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

TOTUS have expertise in recruitment when it comes to hiring tech staff as that is very different to other areas. By bringing on TOTUS you bring this expertise in-house.

Where clients have a HR Manager in place, TOTUS work collaboratively with them. Supporting each other to reach the business’ growth goals. They can be as involved or uninvolved as they like. Not only do TOTUS take on the recruitment so you know that is taken care of, we also help the HR Manager in their jobs in terms of advising on team set-up, promotions/progression, and salary benchmarking for staff.

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