Needing to expand your team rapidly in order to meet your business goals without the internal capacity or knowledge on a competitive market is challenging. Let us find your people, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Let us find these people, so you can focus on the rest

As a small company, you may find that not having the in-house knowledge on recruitment means you’re unsure how to go about setting an effective recruitment strategy. How do you know which roles your business truly needs? How to prioritise them? How to make your company and position attractive to the best talent? What an efficient process looks like in a competitive and fast moving environment?

Without having someone in-house to dedicate their time to recruitment, it’s also challenging as a smaller company to manage such a large recruitment drive. Recruitment is time consuming. It is often left to one person internally, whosewasn’t hired to manage recruitment and who doesn’t have the drive, time, or knowledge to do it properly.

It’s not viable to employ someone in house to manage this, as your recruitment needs fluctuate from month-to-month, so there’s not enough to occupy a permanent member of staff, yet too much for you to take on on your own. It’s this limbo that smaller companies get put into that TOTUS is aiming to overcome.

Let TOTUS help

TOTUS has knowledge of the market so knows how to create a strategy for rapid recruitment campaigns. We know how to approach multiple roles, where to advertise and which to prioritise. We also know what candidates are looking for so can help candidate attraction to increase chances of filling the role.

TOTUS will manage the whole process for you and be the go-to person in house for recruitment. This means that your staff can focus on what they’re good at without having their time taken up with the recruitment admin that they hate.

TOTUS build an efficient and repeatable process which ensures success in securing the best talent in a very competitive market.

TOTUS are scalable and flexible. Once the rapid drive is over, we can change our plan to accommodate less recruitment, then change it again if you were needed another recruitment drive in the future.

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