We understand that building a business from scratch is hard. To be successful, you need several critical ingredients

Let us manage the people, so you can focus on the rest

In Start-Ups, your first hires build your core team and can be make-or-break for your business. It’s essential to get the right people behind you to deliver your vision and make your ideas a success.

Yet, recruitment is often treated as an afterthought, as – let’s face it – it’s rarely your passion so, of course, you’d rather be focused on the fun stuff. Why not leave it to people who know what they’re doing, who have the time and passion to give your recruitment the attention it deserves in order to deliver your company the best talent in the market.

Start Ups have a lot to offer potential candidates, however, in a competitive market we often find they face challenges like: 

Not having a proper process, meaning the best candidates are missed or lost due to time

No candidate attraction strategy - meaning you don’t have fully scoped roles, attractive job descriptions, or an engaging interview process

Uncompetitive salaries and benefit packages

No time to dedicate to doing recruitment properly

No designated person to take control and be the focal point for recruitment

This results in Start-Ups typically missing out on the best talent, having to work with multiple agencies on high fees to secure the talent they can, all with a lot of stress and time, when you would rather be focused on the passion that made you want to start a company in the first place!

This is where TOTUS can help

RPO services have typically only been available to much larger companies. We want to change that.


With TOTUS, you’ll get access to your own “In-house Recruiter”, without the need to commit to hiring one. We’re flexible to your needs, so we can scale up and down the recruitment when you need it.

We will build your whole recruitment and candidate attraction strategy, looking at every part of the process to build you a successful and repeatable process that can stick with you long term.

We’ve built our own Start-Ups and have hired for a lot of them. We understand the specific challenges and positive points a company like yours has. We know how to get you the right talent.

By building you a direct hiring strategy to bring candidates to you for free, as well as offering discounted agency fees with our sister company, we will cut your recruitment spend. We are also cheaper than hiring in-house. We are also cheaper than hiring in-house.

Why spend your valuable time on recruitment when you could be doing something much more valuable? Leave recruiting to the experts, so you can focus on what you’re an expert in.

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