So, you’ve just been awarded funding? Firstly - congratulations! What an exciting time in your company’s journey! Now it’s time to figure out how to spend it...

We know that typically funding is quickly followed by a rapid recruitment drive. We also know you have a million other things to focus on right now, so finding the time to create a process to recruit the best and right people is tricky.

This is where TOTUS can help

TOTUS offers a recruitment solution designed to support businesses with their post-funding hiring strategy. Your early hires are the critical pillars of your business and essential to your success. With the right recruitment strategy, TOTUS will find you the best talent available to propel your venture forward and give you the best chance of meeting your goals.

Recruiting at scale is difficult. It’s hard to know where to start; how do you grow your company whilst maintaining your culture and values? Recruiting in technology is even harder!

Using multiple agencies is time-consuming and expensive. Trying to hire on your own is near impossible in such a challenging market. Building a process from scratch is difficult without the industry knowledge of what candidates want.


TOTUS are experts in hiring in the technology sector and will build and manage you a recruitment strategy based on candidate attraction and the current market

We can:

  • Manage every step of your recruitment process – from job descriptions to onboarding
  • Set your strategy, including hiring plans, interview process, and onboarding
  • Run effective talent acquisition campaigns to get you the best candidates, both by direct hiring campaigns and discounted agency hiring through our sister company
  • Use our expertise to advise on building culture, effective interview techniques, and diversity & inclusion

TOTUS is designed to work alongside you, allowing you to be as involved as you like in the process. Want to be kept in the loop and have a say every step of the way? No problem. Want us to manage everything so you never see another CV in your life? That can be arranged!

Whatever you’re after, we can cater to you

Our aim is to build a partnership and maintaining your company culture and values is essential to our process.

By working with TOTUS, you will

  • Save significant time in your day
  • Save money on industry-standard recruitment costs
  • Gain access to specialised technical recruitment knowledge
  • Have the flexibility to scale up and down your recruitment when your business requires
  • Have more success in a difficult market by having an efficient process that works

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