TOTUS doesn’t just do long term solutions, we can also offer ad-hoc, bespoke training sessions with you and your Hiring Managers

Everyone has gone through the interview process but when you’re suddenly on the other side of the table conducting the interview, it’s hard to know what to do.

    • How do you conduct an effective interview to make sure you get the most out of the time with the candidate?
    • How many stages should you put into your process and what should they look like?
    • How do you make the interview process engaging and enjoyable for the candidate so they want to work with you?
    • How do you balance spending enough time together to make an informed decision, without wasting a lot of yours and your team’s times spending significant time with candidates who are unsuccessful?
    • How do you ensure you remove bias and take into account diversity and inclusion within your process, to ensure a fair hiring process as well as protecting you and your company from discrimination legal claims?
    • How do you make sure you’re creating a process which is promoting equality and diversity in your applications?

    These are all difficult and important questions to answer – TOTUS have the knowledge to help you and your Hiring Managers with this. If you have any additional concerns to the ones above, we’re also happy to address them. We can arrange training sessions either in person or virtually, for 1 person or the whole company, as a one-off or a regular catch-up.

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