Have you started considering an internal recruiter?

When companies get to a certain level of recruitment, they usually think it’s best to hire someone in-house permanently to manage their recruitment for them. They do this as:

  • They want to save the other members of the business time by having someone to manage this full time
  • They think it will save the company money on agency fees as they think that this person will be able to fill the majority of their roles directly without agency support

TOTUS can manage your recruitment more effectively

We will save you time just as an internal person would, however we wouldn’t have any downtime from sickness, holiday, or from staff turnover – the knowledge would stay within TOTUS so we’re more robust and reliable than hiring in-house.

In-house people may be able to fill some roles directly, however in the tech industry, it’s VERY unlikely they will be able to fill any of the hard-to-fill tech roles without agency support. Therefore, you will be essentially doubling up on costs as you will pay someone full time (plus extra costs like pension, benefits, NI) PLUS end up paying agency fees anyway. Also, in order for an in-house person to do their work effectively you would need to pay for them to gain access to LinkedIn, Job boards, and recruitment software. This will add tens of thousands a year onto their cost to you as a business.

TOTUS will be able to run your direct hiring campaigns and advertising on your behalf at discounted costs. We will also get you significantly discounted agency fees with our sister company, saving you money on the inevitable fees you will have to pay. We can also negotiation better fees with other agencies as we have several we already work with and know the industry average.

TOTUS is also flexible. You may need an in-house person now, but in 6 months you may have a lot less recruitment to do and if you have hired someone permanently you will have a resource you’re paying for and not using. Equally, you may get even more recruitment which is too much for just one person to manage – if this happens with TOTUS, we can easily add more resource, rather than you hiring more people. We can also scale down easily if you’ve had quiet months.

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